Director’s Cut of Deadpool is Already Being Teased


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

With a character like Deadpool, you need A LOT of leeway. Marvel edits the comics to keep the character just this side of being in their MAX imprint, but sometimes it’s just barely. When the film was announced, the filmmakers knew they needed an R rating to keep the spirit of the Merc With A Mouth true. But is that all director Tim Miller has to offer?

The answer is “no.”

According to TJ Miller, who plays Weasel in the film and has had some of the best lines in the red-band trailers so far, confirmed that a Director’s Cut will be debuting and that it will bring what we thought was an already raunchy and violent film to a whole new level.

At a fan event in London, Miller said that we’d be seeing a dirtier ‘Pool than we’ll see this Valentine’s Day:

But yeah, so the idea that when you see the fall director’s cut of it, that that’s going to be even more raw, that’s pretty heavy duty.

Does this mean more violence? Bawdier language? Extreme full-frontal nudity? How could this get any dirtier other than being NC-17?

I already figured that we’d get a bunch of gag reel footage and deleted outtakes with guys like Miller and the witty Ryan Reynolds in front of the camera. But if it gets spliced into a new cut of the film, I’m curious as to what exactly this is.

This could be released on Blu-ray / DVD but that wasn’t specified. If it makes enough bank it could makes its way back into theaters, to double dip on the fans that would pay the money to see a dirtier version on the big screen.

Time will tell. For now though, Deadpool is set to hit theaters February 12.


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