MacGyver Prequel Series Coming to TV

MACGYVER, Richard Dean Anderson, (Season 2), 1985-92, © Paramount TV / Courtesy: Everett Collection

MACGYVER, Richard Dean Anderson, (Season 2), 1985-92, © Paramount TV / Courtesy: Everett Collection

by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

A few years back it was rumored that James Wan would be directing a MacGyver film for theatrical release. But Wan has turned into somewhat of a big-time director and it seems that film just fell to the wayside.

But the MacGyver reboot is back on and Wan is still apparently involved with the project. TV Line reports that instead of a feature film it will come back as a TV show.

Odds are good that with Wan’s schedule he’ll most likely direct the pilot and then depart for larger, big-screen projects.

The series will be a reboot / prequel that follows a twenty-something MacGyver as he gets recruited by a clandestine organization that has need of his particular skill set. The on-the-fly inventor will use his penchant for making cool stuff out of seemingly random objects to help prevent disasters around the globe. This might sound familiar if you’re familiar with the CW’s unaired pilot of Young MacGyver from 2003 starring Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki playing Clay MacGyver, nephew of Richard Dean Anderson’s Angus Macgyver.

The original series, which ran from 1985 through 1992, starred Richard Dean Anderson as secret agent Angus MacGyver. He was educated as a scientist and had skills as a Bomb Team Tech. MacGyver would use his knowledge to solve problems using everyday items and preferred non-lethal solutions.

It was a cool show for its time but in a world of tough-as-nails Jason Bourne, an updated and ass-kicking James Bond and the newest big action-spy hit Kingsman, is a MacGyver reboot really necessary?

Remember the time that Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki played Young MacGyver back in 2003? Probably not, so here you go:


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