Predator Reboot Has a Poster That Gets Right to the Point



The first Predator film is a classic. Out of every film to have Predator in the name the first one is by and far the best of them all. But that doesn’t mean the upcoming reboot / remake can at least try and live up to the lofty expectations set by the original.

So far all we have is a poster, but as far as teases go it gets right down to business:


I would have preferred it if they kept him shiny and transparent…like when he’s on the hunt. But you need the iconic image to sell the product and nothing says Predator like the hunter himself looking down on some possible prey.

Shane Black (writer and co-star of the first film) and Fred Dekker put the finishing touches on a script back in December but so far nothing else has come from it. The Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3 director has been attached to this project for some time now, even garnering praise back in the summer from producer John Davis about his take on the world of the Predator.

After a lukewarm sequel, a couple of crossover flops with the Alien franchise and a critically panned attempt at a reboot, the franchise can only go up from here. Hopefully this poster means things are moving forward in a good way. Naturally because this is just a teaser we don’t have any hint of a release date…but I could definitely see this staking out a prime spot in the Summer Blockbuster Season in a year or two.

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