Did Ernie Hudson Confirm That Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters is Actually Ghostbusters III?

GHOSTBUSTERS II, Ernie Hudson, 1989, (c) Columbia/courtesy Everett Collection

by: Jay Carlson – Editor-in-chief

About a week ago someone pointed me to a nondescript YouTube video from someone who purported to have been part of a focus group that were shown three trailers for Paul Feig’s upcoming Ghostbusters remake. The video had been pulled at the request of Sony, but those that had seen it, including someone that saw it and sent me the link, stated that the person spoke about three different trailers. The first two were different in tone, one funny and the other more dramatic, but it was the third that description that left me scratching my head. It seems that that third trailer referenced the previous team. If this is was the case then it would seem that Sony many have decided to link Feig’s film to the original two, making this film Ghostbusters III. I would have immediately called bullshit but I’m the type of guy that believes where there’s smoke there’s fire. In this case, why would Sony go out of their way to shut down a video from some nobody on YouTube if there wasn’t something there that rang true?

I dug a little more and spoke with the source that supplied me with the complete plot breakdown that we published last year of Paul Feig and Katie Dipold’s original proposed story, but that person didn’t know anything about the film being connected to the originals. So maybe it is all bullshit.

Then this morning Ernie Hudson tweeted the following out with a link to a piece written by Den of Geek:

Hudson GB

Sure maybe calling it Ghostbusters III is just Hudson’s way of phrasing it and he’s referring to us seeing everyone playing all different characters. BUT then again, maybe he knows something we don’t. If we take this tweet literally, then Hudson may have just spoiled a BIG surprise that may be revealed in the upcoming trailer.

Based off of what I know, I’m 90% certain that Feig’s film will be it’s own thing with no connection to the first film other than the cameos of the original cast members in different roles. But it’s that other 10% has me really thinking.

I’d have serious concerns if Sony and Feig did end up connecting this film to the previous two at this stage. If this was done, it most likely would have been during reshoots, not early in the production. And if this decision was made late in the process and they’re shoehorning it together it could end up making a real mess of the film that I was admittedly not very excited for based off of that early plot breakdown. I would suspect that if this was done, or even considered, it means that Sony was not comfortable with the final product and wasn’t sure what to do to salvage the film and decided as a last ditch effort to connect it to the much beloved previous films to placate the existing fans to make some money.

What do you think? Would Sony actually pull a late move like this? If they secretly reshot cameo’s of the original team as a way of connecting Feig’s film to the original universe would be psyched or scared? Let’s talk about it!

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