Star Wars: Episode VIII Picks up Right Where The Force Awakens Left Off


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

So Star Wars: The Force Awakens left us with quite the cliffhanger (and it’s been almost three months so if you haven’t seen it by now you should know these articles will contain SPOILERS). Rey and Luke Skywalker had an intense stare down as she offered him his lightsaber, which she can seemingly wield like a natural.

Now most Star Wars films have a bit of a time jump between them even if it’s only a few years. But instead of seeing the Luke/Rey relationship already in full swing we’ll be getting something a little different.

While at the Oscars, Daisy Ridley (the actress who plays Rey) spoke with MTV and dished on the filming of Star Wars Episode VIII and what fans can expect:

Me and Mark [Hamill] have been rehearsing a lot, and it’s really amazing. When we went back to Skellig to do the opening of VIII, it was so crazy doing the same scene with a different crew of people. He’s amazing to rehearse with, and I’m very excited to be doing the rest of the stuff.

Skellig is the island that ended up being the final location on The Force Awakens so this leads us to believe that the next installment picks right up where the last one left off. Not to mention this location and scene was part of the Episode VIII announcement video released after the first day of shooting.

Now, they could always jump forward a few years after the opening and do things the usual way – but I like where this is going. It makes marathoning these films a little more palatable if it feels like one giant adventure.

We’ll find out for sure just how the narrative plays out when Star Wars Episode VIII hits theaters around Christmastime 2017.

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