Lady Gaga Back for More American Horror Story

Gaga 2

by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

FX’s award-winning series American Horror Story will return this fall with a new season – and it looks like we might have our first returning cast member.

In an interview with New York radio station Z100, the pop superstar was asked whether or not she’d be back for another go around in the world of AHS. Her response was simply “Yes.”

Elaborating, Gaga went on to say that “I can’t promise you how or when or anything like that.”

Lady Gaga played The Countess this past year on American Horror Story: Hotel, the fifth and quite possibly most sexually charged season of the hit anthology series. But seeing as this is a show that keeps actors but changes characters from season to season it’s unlikely that Gaga will be reprising that role again.

This hasn’t been confirmed by FX at this moment. Usually the network does a big announcement about what the theme for the next season will be and reveals a slew of cast members as well. If Lady Gaga is going to continue on I’d expect to hear about it officially at that time.

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