DC/Vertigo’s ‘Scalped’ Could Be Coming to TV


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

Comic book writer Jason Aaron can craft a mean story. His best work yet has to be the series he did for DC/Vertigo with artist R.M. Guera, Scalped. It’s a mean little pulp noir story set on an Indian reservation and it has everything
awesome – sex, violence, double-crosses and conflicted anti-heroes. And now the comic book series might just be coming to a small screen soon.

The Hollywood Reporter says that WGN America has optioned a pilot episode for Scalped. Right now the only thing known is that Doug Jung (of Showtime’s Banshee) will pen the pilot and DC Comics guru Geoff Johns is on board as an executive producer.

WGN America has been producing some pretty rough and gritty TV lately. Shows like the backwoods crime drama Outsiders and the slavery-era set Underground look to be pushing the envelope as far as edgy programming is concerned. Scalped would fit in nicely with their current roster.

I’ve read the first few trade paperback collections and have been very impressed with what I’ve taken in so far. THR does a pretty good job summing it up:

Scalped is described as a modern-day crime story set in the world of a Native American Indian reservation. It explores power, loyalty and spirituality in a community led by the ambitious chief Lincoln Red Crow, as he reckons with Dashiell Bad Horse who has returned home after years away from the reservation.

The story reads like HBO’s The Wire, but based on an Indian Reservation (or “The Rez” as it’s called). It’s a complicated tale full of twists and turns that eventually have you taking second or even third looks at most of the characters and their motivations.

Keep checking back here as I’ll try to keep up to date with any developments on this story as they become available.

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