Paramount Pulls ‘The Little Prince’ From Schedule a Week Before its Release Date

Little Prince

by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

When I went to see Anomalisa back in January I saw the trailer for The Little Prince and was moved. I can’t explain exactly what it was but something about the trailer reached into me and touched a little bit of my soul. I was honestly moved and made a mental note as to when the film was coming out as I wanted to see it as soon as possible.

And now I’ve had my hopes dashed as Paramount Pictures has pulled the film from the release schedule less than a week before it’s intended March 18 debut.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that the studio has yanked the picture from it’s American release schedule even though it debuted at Cannes last year and has pulled in over $80M in overseas box office. THR said the studio didn’t know whether they wanted a limited or nationwide release (although Paramount hasn’t given an official statement as to why they took the film off the schedule).

Director Mark Osborne sent out a series of tweets that said that while Paramount may have given up the ghost we should still expect to see the film later this year through another distributor. Osborne didn’t say who but did encourage anyone near the northern border to take the trip up to Canada where the film gets a wide release this Friday.

I can’t say I’m not really disappointed, as this was going to be my Friday night film this weekend, an artsy way to end my work week. But now I’ll have to wait a little while longer (hopefully not too long though). As soon as we hear anything about a release date we’ll update you right here.

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