Iron Man 4? Probably Not According to Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man Poster

by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

With Captain America: Civil War rapidly approaching fans are watching and dissecting every scrap of information that they can. One thing that fans are asking is that if this does follow the comic book storyline in essence will we see more Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. More to the point – will there be an Iron Man 4?

While promoting Civil War, Robert Downey Jr (who has portrayed the armored Avenger since 2008) spoke on just that topic:

I don’t think that’s in the cards. In a way it’s Cap 3 but for me it’s like my little Iron Man 4. And then it’s back to the thing we all recognize. Everything pulls over to the side of the road when the thunder of an Avengers thing comes through because that’s how it is until it changes. If it changes.

RDJ has said since the end of Iron Man 3 that he wouldn’t play Shellhead in any other Marvel movies except for those with the Avengers label. But then he took on the third Captain America film and the next Avengers movie will actually be two films so there’s that.

And it also sounds like he’s willing to play it by ear and see what Marvel Studios has in store for Phase Four.

I think that the Iron Man saga wrapped up pretty well with his three films. It told a complete story that both the studio and Robert Downey Jr can be proud of. But this is show business and you should never say never, especially when it comes to Marvel movies.

Hey, it wasn’t too long ago that everyone thought we’d never see Spider-Man in the MCU and look what’s about to happen in a few short months.

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