R-Rated ‘Spawn’ Movie in the Works


by: S. Scott Stanikmas

While not one of the worst comic book films ever made, 1997’s Spawn was a mess. It tried to stuff five pounds of sausage into a three pound casing (to use one of my favorite metaphors) and in doing so rushed along a story that most studios would take three films to tell now.

Well, it might not be three films but it looks like we’ll be getting another version of Al Simmons and his amazing suit from the depths of hell.

In a recent Facebook video posting, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane spoke about where he’s at in the creation process. McFarlane said that he’s got about 132 pages written which is well above what most studios ask for (one page equals a minute of screen time so this would equate now a film a little over two hours).

He says that the next step is to whittle down the script to a reasonable length and then do one more rewrite to tighten up the bolts and get it as ready for shooting as possible.

Now this doesn’t mean that it’s a done deal once it gets finished. And even after that you still need to find a director, cast the roles and actually film it.

I’m not holding my breath for this anytime soon. For now I’ll be happy watching Michael Jai White, John Leguizamo and Martin Sheen ham it up on my TV on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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