The Shortlist for Han Solo Prequel Film Just Got Shorter


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

Although he’ll be back as the iconic Indiana Jones even Harrison Ford can’t play Han Solo in Disney’s prequel film that will tell an early adventure of everyone’s favorite smuggler. And while details are few and far between for the movie a couple of names did leak out as to who Lucasfilm and the House of Mouse may be looking at for the iconic role.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service), Jack Reynor (the upcoming Sing Street) and Alden Ehrenreich (Hail, Caesar!) are all in the mix. The three actors were reportedly spotted in London last week vying for the role.

However Variety’s Justin Kroll says not to count out Jack O’Connell (the upcoming Money Monster) or Blake Jenner Everybody Wants Some) just yet.

But like I said, with details being so hard to come by there could be more actors up for the role that haven’t even been talked about yet. There were almost 2,500 actors on the list at the start of the search but that was more than likely the studio putting together a list of every young male actor that could actually vie for the role. It’s more believable that the studio had maybe a dozen or so names of possible serious contenders and just want to make sure they get the right person for the possibly career-making role.

If I were to pick between the actors mentioned above I’d be happy with either Egerton or O’Connell. Remember we had an article some time back that said the Kingsman actor was going to be up for the role – looks an awful lot like he just might be a safe bet as the man to sit in the pilot seat of the Millennium Falcon. 

Whomever they pick, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller will most likely be ramping up the end of pre-production as the May 25, 2018 release date is likely to be here before we all know it.

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