Legal Woes Mean No-Go for Remake of The Crow


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

After a couple years of stop-and-start drama it looks like the remake of The Crow may finally have gotten it’s wings clipped.

Director Corin Hardy has officially been dropped from the project which now has the whole thing being tied up in legal mumbo jumbo which might mean no sequels, prequels or remakes from this point forward.

Back in 2014, Relativity (the studio which had the rights to make a new Crow film) tapped Hardy to be the director. They almost lost him in the fall last year but managed to nail him down in the winter with an eye on March 2016 to start shooting the film. While all this was going on the studio filed for bankruptcy, derailing the project a number of times.

Post-bankruptcy, Relativity named Dana Brunetti as the new president of production. They also decided to let him start from scratch with the new Crow film.

All of this, as reported by The Wrap, has now gotten the attention of the Edward R.Pressman Film Corporation. They were the company that produced the original film and gave Relativity rights to any new films being made – but with some conditions.

The deal was made back in 2009 and exercised in 2014 for a three film deal. Both sides agreed that Corin Hardy would be the director. Now Pressman is saying that releasing Hardy and going in another direction is a breach of contract and is looking to move forward to stop Relativity from making any Crow films at all.

At this point I say just give up the ghost. You’ll never top the original – and I’m not one to shit on a remake just because I like the first film. But with all the woes this film has seen (delays in production, a revolving door of possible leading men and a slew of attached directors just to name a few) it may be time to just throw in the towel.

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