‘The Little Prince’ Lands on Netflix

Little Prince

by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

I was supposed to see The Little Prince this weekend – my reward for having to sit through Divergent: Allegiant. But alas it was not to be. Less than a week before the film was set to make it’s US theatrical debut the distributing studio, Paramount, pulled the film and gave up on it.

Director Mark Osbourne assured fans that the film would make its American debut sometime this year but he couldn’t say when or how.

Thankfully the how has been answered. As with many other dropped projects from other studios, Netflix has come in on their white horse and saved the day. The streaming service has bought the domestic distribution rights to the film according to Deadline – and less than a week after it was dropped like a hot potato.

The bad news comes twofold though. First is that while Netflix has nabbed the rights it hasn’t given a release date as of yet. Secondly is that it would seem the film still won’t see a theatrical run – all this despite almost $90M in worldwide box office receipts and a number of awards from various foreign bodies.

I’m just excited that this film will get a release date at all. The option to watch it at home will be great as now I can view it at my own convenience – but I know I’ll be watching it as soon as it becomes available.

If only it came out this week though – then I might not have had to sit through Knight Of Cups.

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