Killer Klowns From Outer Space… The TV Series?


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

Killer Klowns From Outer Space is a cult classic. I remember watching it on Saturday nights at my Grandparents house (they had HBO and just didn’t care) and loving every cheesy second of it. The Chiodo Brothers, the twisted duo behind the campy clown carnage, have been teasing a sequel for years now. While we may not get a feature film there have been rumblings of the face-painted aliens coming back on the small screen.

On the Movie Crypt Podcast, Stephen Chiodo (original director, co-writer and Klown puppetmaster) dropped some hints as to where we might see the extraterrestrials pop up next:

Right now, we are currently pursuing a long arch series for cable. We wondered, should we do a sequel to the first one or do we do a remake? We came up with a ‘requel’ – it’s a sequel and a remake. We’ve been developing this for a while. It’s a trilogy in four parts, and it really follows the continuing adventures of new people who are experiencing this phenomenon of a Klown invasion, and once in a while you see some of the old guys pop up and hear their stories – find out what happened over the last 25 years. It’s fucking great.

A long form story? Hmmmm…Starz proved it could work with their hit show Ash VS Evil Dead. They just need to find the right network that will let them go bugnuts crazy and it could work.

I dug the rumors of a possible 3D theatrical sequel, but this is much better. A story that gets time to breathe and really dig into the Klown mythology? Where do I sign up?

Right now it’s just being talked about so don’t expect to see the Klowns on the small screen unless some movie channel is doing a creature double-feature. But as soon as the Chiodo Brothers give the word that all is set and ready to go you can bet we’ll report on it right here.

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