‘The Iron Giant’ to Debut on Blu-Ray With Awesome Collector’s Edition

Iron Giant - Signature

by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

When the remastered Iron Giant hit theaters last year many fans (myself included) thought for sure we’d be getting a blu-ray by the time the holidays rolled around. Well we were about 10 months late in that but better late than never as Iron Giant now has a release date for high-def home media.

But that’s not all. On September 6, 2016 there will be two versions for fans for choose from. Firstly is the regular edition that has the theatrical cut as well as the remastered and extended edition that was in theaters. But the one you want is this one:


WTF?!?!?! So you get the film with all the new special features, a mini statue, an art book and Mondo art cards. Seriously just take my money now…it’ll save me the trouble of agonizing over it when I buy it in September.

I’m a sucker for special editions that really give the fans what they want and this one delivers in spades. The MSRP is around $75 but that will more than likely drop a few bucks between now and then. Even still this would be worth every penny of the $75. I know IndieRevolver EIC Jay loves art books so I could definitely see this ending up in his collection sooner or later.

Until you can get your hands on this jam-packed blu-ray, you can tide yourselves over with this list of special features set to be included:

“The Giant’s Dream” documentary NEW!

“The Iron Giant: Signature Edition” trailer

Theatrical version commentary by Brad Bird

Additional scenes, including alternate opening

Mini documentary segments

Teddy Newton The X Factor

Duck and Cover sequence

The Voice of the Giant

Motion Gallery

Brad Bird trailer

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