There’s Another New Suicide Squad Trailer…


by: Jay Carlson – Editor-in-chief

I’m hoping for a surprise from the DCEU with Suicide Squad, I REALLY am. But after MoS and the egg that BvS was I have zero faith that Warner Bros can do anything right with any of their DC properties. Thankfully, my non-existent expectations mean that even if it’s a turd it will be better than I’m imagining it to be. David Ayer is a helluva filmmaker and he’s got a great cast, so it’s possible that there’s something going on with this film beyond being a GotG rip-off. But it REALLY feels like the DCEU’s effort to make their own offbeat Guardians film down to the splashy colors, retro songs in the trailers and the (much reported on) re-shoots to lighten the mood.

Not surprisingly there is more Batman (since he seemed to be the only thing people liked about BvS) and Joker in this new trailer.

What Song from the Wayne’s World soundtrack do you think will be in the next Suicide Squad trailer?

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