‘Now You See Me 3’ Pulls a Director out of it’s Hat

Now You See Me 2

by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

About a year ago Lionsgate announced plans for Now You See Me 3, a sequel to a film that still had almost 52 weeks until it’s theatrical debut. Now it’s not surprising that a studio will announce plans for a sequel to film they think will do gangbusters (*cough* Fant4stic Four *cough*) only to later change their mind and pull it from the schedule.

But that isn’t the case here. With lots of faith in Now You See Me 2, Lionsgate has decided to show just how confident they are in the next installment by locking down a director.

Variety reports that Jon M. Chu, director of NYSM2, will try and pull another rabbit out of his hat and sit behind the camera for the third film.

Chu is starting to be the go-to guy for sequels. He directed the second and third parts of the “epic” Step Up series and took the reins for G.I.Joe: Retaliation…which was actually a pretty good action flick. Other than that he’s got a couple of Justin Bieber concert flicks to his credit as well as last year’s Jem And The Holograms.

I’m not going to let past cinematic sins taint me on Chu just yet. I’ve been digging the trailer for Now You See Me 2 – it has a slick look to it and looks like it might be one of the better movies this summer. Lionsgate must have a lot of faith from early screenings to bring Jon Chu back for the third go round.

In the meantime we have Now You See Me 2, which hits theaters June 10, to look forward to.

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