First Look at Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers

Power Rangers Movie

by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

So this looks…interesting?

Earlier in the year we got a look at the five new actors who will portray the Power Rangers in the power-rangersupcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie due out next year. While it didn’t show the kids in their power suits it would make a damn fine ad for some trendy clothing store.

But now we have our first look at a character in costume and it looks rather underwhelming. People managed to get the scoop and grab the first image of Elizabeth Banks as the villainous Rita Repulsa:
Banks Rita Repulsa

This looks like some bad Aphrodite IX cosplay costume from San Diego Comic Con. I get that Lionsgate and director Dean Israelite want to distance themselves from the cheesy TV show and forge their own path but this is something else.

At least Banks seems to be having fun getting to play a full on unrepentant baddie in this film:

I’ve never played a villain before. It’s definitely a modern and edgy re-imagining of the original Rita Repulsa. We wanted to give her a backstory that connects her to the new Rangers.

I’ve got low expectations for this…like Batman V Superman low. But we’ll see. Maybe the trailer will turn me around on this. It could happen.

Fans have a year to obsess about it as Power Rangers is due out March 24, 2017.

2 thoughts on “First Look at Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers

  1. My old school Power Ranger knowledge makes me think I know where they are going with this lol- Rita was the original Green Ranger and betrayed her team and now she’s gunning for the new recruits. Also explains Elizabeth Bank’s twitter post about the color of her costume.

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