There are Some Amazing Names on the Complete ‘Twin Peaks’ Cast List

Twin Peaks

by: Jay Carlson – Editor-in-chief

The road to new episodes with Twin Peaks has been a long and rocky one. David Lynch blew minds back in 2014 by announcing that he was returning to Twin Peaks, everyone’s favorite sleepy lumber town with a dark underbelly. Via twitter he revealed that he would be working with Showtime for the first new episodes of the seminal show in twenty-five years with a goal of getting them on the air in 2016.

Six months later Lynch went public and announced he was leaving due to the fact that Showtime was not giving him enough money to properly realize the show. Thankfully this was short lived, as a couple months later Lynch announced that he was back on Twin Peaks and that he would be directing every episode as production began AND that there would be more than the previously announced nine episodes.

That was almost a year ago. Since then things have been quiet outside of co-creator Mark Frost casually dropping a bit about the show not premiering until 2017. () Production started and things were quiet with small bit of casting popping up here and there.

Yesterday, the floodgates opened and the entire cast list was released. Most of the original cast has returned which is great (marked with astericks). Noticeably absent is Lara Flynn Boyle, not a complete surprise as she’s fallen off the map in recent years. I’m happy to see Catherine Coulson, the log lady on the list. Coulson passed away last year but there was rumor that she had taken part in filming prior to her death.

There are a LOT of interesting choices, people I cannot wait to see at the counter of the Double R with a piece of pie and a damn fine cup of coffee. The list of new names I’m most excited so see are:

  • Naomi Watts – MESMERIZING in Lynch’s Mulholland Drive.
  • Monica Belucci – A bombshell made for Twin Peaks.
  • Jennifer Jason Lee – She’s been on fire for a few years now.
  • Amanda Seyfried – She played the Laura Palmer role in Veronica Mars which borrowed a LOT from Twin Peaks
  • Michael Cera – I mean it’s in, right?!
  • Laura Dern – Lynch veteran new to Twin Peaks.
  • Trent Reznor and Eddie Vedder – We lose a David Bowie and a Chris Isaac but we’ve gained two other musicians.
  • Robert Forster – For so many reasons, not the least of which is he is my favorite bail bondsman.
  • Balthazar Getty – Loved him in Lynch’s Lost Highway.
  • Ernie Hudson – A Ghostbuster in a spooky town.
  • Ashley Judd – It’ll be nice to see her doing something outside of the dreadful Divergent series.
  • David Koechner – He’s great in everything, but Cheap Thrills sells me on him in Twin Peaks.
  • Jane Levy – Because Suburgatory. Plus she was the first Mandy Milkovich.
  • Matthew Lillard – Because Hackers and Scream.
  • Sara Paxton – Great with Koechner in Cheap Thrills
  • Tim Roth – Because of everything he’s ever done with Quentin Tarantino
  • Ethan Suplee – Because he’s Earl’s brother.
  • Jessica Szohr – I’m a big Piranha fan (no joke). Two Night Stand was enjoyable as well.
  • Ana de la Reguera – Another Bombshell created for this world. Loved her on Eastbound and Down.

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