Could Dredd Bust Heads on the Small Screen?

Judge Dredd

by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

Dredd was not the commercial success that Lionsgate had hoped for. While it fared far better with critics than the abysmal Sylvester Stallone adaptation it’s poor box office returns have halted any chance of a sequel ever hitting theaters.

But what about smaller screens? Netflix has been a godsend for niche projects that would otherwise have floundered in other formats. And basic cable has shown that fans will stick around for violent and gritty fare as long as the story is worth watching as well.

Recently Karl Urban, the man under the helmet as Mega City One’s best law enforcer, was speaking at a convention / expo up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and let it drop that there are currently conversations between Netflix, Amazon and the studio in regards to bringing Dredd to life as a serialized form of entertainment.

This wouldn’t be the first time Urban has said that talks were under way with various interested parties. Just a couple years ago the actor said that conversations were taking place between the studio, the director, and writer. Well, two years later and we’ve still got nothing. In fact Alex Garland (the writer) has pretty much put that rumor to bed saying that it will never happen.

Still, actors have gotten passion projects off the ground with less and this has not only Dredd superfan Karl Urban behind it but a rabid and intense legion of fans who have come to love the film as a kind-of cult classic.

For now though, we’ll take this with a grain of salt and file it under RUMOR.

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