The Original Ghostbusters Headed Back to Theaters


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

On June 8 it will have been 32 years to the day that the original Ghostbusters will have hit theaters. And while the film had a really good theatrical run when it first came out and is the staple for many “Midnight Movie” and “Classic Throwback” nights at various multiplexes it never gets tiring to me the see the Fab Four of ‘busting on the big screen.

And now we have a new event coming up that will bring the flick back to the big screen for a limited time engagement once again.

On Wednesday June 8 and Sunday June 12, at 2pm and 7pm each day, 750 select theaters across the country will play the 1984 comedy classic. But it won’t just be Ivan Reitman’s team that will be on display on the silver screen. Each showing will also have a sneak peek at Paul Feig’s version, which will be just a shade over one month away.

It’s a clever way to try and turn some of the naysayers around by showing them some (hopefully) good footage from the upcoming reboot / remake that was recently revealed as the worst received movie trailer ever on YouTube. (Or you could be like me and do one of two things depending on when they show the footage – if it’s at the start, pre-film pee break; after the credits, just get up and go home having just seen a classic film.)

Tickets go on sale this Friday May 6, so check out the Fathom Events website to see where the screenings are near you.


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