Batman: The Killing Joke Coming to Select Theaters


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

If you can’t make it to San Diego Comic-Con (which is a harder ticket to get every passing year) then you’re missing out on the debut of the next Warner Bros animated DC Comics film Batman: The Killing Joke. But don’t worry too much about it – the studio is still making sure the average fan gets a chance to watch it before it hits home media.

Fathom Events – the folks behind so many wonderful screenings of classic films at theaters across the country – have announced that The Killing Joke will have a one-night-only theatrical run on Monday, July 25 (the day after SDCC ends).

With showings at 7:30pm and 10:00pm, fans will have a chance to see Kevin Conroy once again voice the Dark Knight. But we’ll also get to hear Mark Hamill reprise his role as the Clown Prince of Crime himself, The Joker! They’ll be joined by Ray Wise as Commissioner Gordon and Tara Strong as Barbara Gordon / Batgirl.

Tickets don’t go on sale until June 17, so theaters that will be carrying the film aren’t available yet. But it’s a safe bet that if your local multiplex regularly shows Fathom Events screenings that you’ll be able to catch it.

Fans who go and see it won’t just get to see the animated feature – apparently there will be some cool behind-the-scenes bits as well:

…In addition to the animated feature, audience members will get to experience a special introduction from Mark Hamill plus a never-before-seen documentary about how Hamill was cast in this project and what the role means to him as an actor and a fan. The event will conclude with a special behind-the-scenes look at how the Joker’s memorable, yet disturbing song and dance number was recreated for this feature.

Its nice to see Warner Bros reach out and offer this to their fans that can’t make the trek to the west coast for SDCC. I’ve already pre-ordered my blu-ray (which hits stores on August 2) but I’m definitely in for a trip to the movies to see this.

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