IR Newsfeed 9/7/16 – Johnny Depp Investigates Biggie and Tupac Murders, Young Frankenstein, Michael Cera and More!



Your one stop for pop culture news for today, 9/7/16:

Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling circling Ava DuVerney’s A Wrinkle in Time adaptation: Get the Skinny Here

Michael Cera to perfect his walk-and-talk alongside Jessica Chastain in new Aaron Sorkin film. Check it out.

Was Anybody Clamoring for a New Underworld film? Well, here’s the trailer anyway

Bill Pullman and Jim Caviezel Starring in Low Budget Western Ballad of Lefty Brown: Exclusive Here

The Crow planning to begin Production in January: Get the Scoop Here

Johnny Depp to play Biggie and Tupac murder investigator Russell Poole in Labyrinth: Get the Details Here

Will Smith is Sadder Than People Who Paid to See Suicide Squad in the First Trailer for Collateral Beauty: Check it out!

Rebecca Ferguson, the best part of Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation is joining Hugh Jackman in P.T. Barnum Musical: Get the Full Story

Gene Wilder fans rejoice! Young Frankenstein returning to theaters on 10/5/16 for one night only: Give it a Click 





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