Check Out The Action-Packed New Trailer for Netflix’s Luke Cage!


Luke Cage

by: Josh Outred

The unbreakable man, Luke Cage, takes bullet after bullet in the latest trailer for this brand new edition to the Marvel/Netflix TV universe.

Luke Cage is the upcoming TV adaptation of the comic series which centres on-you guessed it, Luke Cage. A seemingly normal man from Harlem, New York, and former convict who is coming to terms with his new found abilities.

Discovering that he has incredible strength and unbreakable skin, Luke Cage who was introduced in last year’s hit series, Jessica Jones as a “friend with benefits”, wages a war against organised crime in Harlem. Played by the actor Mike Colter, Luke Cage will use his indestructible, regenerative skin and superhuman strength as a means of restoring piece to crime-filled Harlem.

This new trailer offers a glimpse into the action, and an explosive look at the rivalry between him and villainous nightclub owner, “Cottonmouth” played by Mahershala Ali.

Check out the trailer below, and hit up Netflix on Friday 30th of September (this Friday) when the all episodes of the show begin streaming!

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