Bruce Campbell Wants More ‘Evil Dead’ Movies!

Ash vs Evil Dead

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

It’s not surprising that Bruce Campbell is having a lot of fun making the new Starz series Ash Vs Evil Dead. The star is having so much fun that he’s even saying this should lead to renewed interest in more movies possibly being made.

“The series will force us to make more movies. “ Campbell said according to Latino Review. “We need eight more movies…making a fourth would work.”

The show, which shows Campbell’s Ash taking up the boomstick once again to fight the Deadites, will begin airing on Halloween night this year and consist of ten 30-minute episodes (for the first season).

Joining Bruce Campbell in the fight against evil will be Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo and Jill Marie Jones. It will even have a Xena cast reunion as Lucy Lawless joins in on the fun.

I would still love to see a crossover between Raimi’s Evil Dead universe and Fede Alvarez’s version. It was teased at the end of the 2013 film, when Ash showed up out of the shadows and simply said “Groovy” after the credits were done rolling. That bit has no connection to the new TV series, and it looks like that particular project may be dead and buried, itself.

But at least we’ve still got the new show to look forward to! So don’t forget to get your trick-or-treating done early so you can be on your couch October 31 to catch the first episode of Ash Vs Evil Dead.