WTF?! Sony Developing a Spider-Man Free Aunt May Spy Flick?


by: S. Scott Stanikmas

The gang at Latino Review have been reporting that Sony is now considering making a film that takes place before the events in the current Spider-verse involving Peter’s Aunt May as a spy. An Aunt May espionage spy thriller? Is the world really clamoring for this to be made?

We’ve all heard the rumors that Sony is stuck for ideas as to where they want to take the Amazing Spider-Man franchise. Original plans were for a Sinister Six film to be followed by Amazing Spider-Man 3. We then heard rumors about a Venom film which would spinoff into a Carnage film. Then there were rumblings about taking the female Spider characters and teaming them up for whatever reason.

With Amazing Spider-Man 2 getting a very “ho-hum” reaction from fans and critics alike, it seems like Sony is just throwing anything at the wall to see what sticks. I truly hope that this is just a rumor and that it’s not a serious idea being considered.

May Parker isn’t Peggy Carter. Sony just trying to make a buck may sour the casual fan to the great stuff coming from Marvel Studios in the future such as the upcoming Agent Carter TV show. The layperson (re: non comic nerd) could just lump all this stuff together and possibly turn their back on the product as a whole.

If Sony is so dry for ideas they should seriously just consider reverting the rights to Spider-Man back to Marvel Studios. At least this way Marvel could use Spidey the way he should be used, integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.