Cirque Du Soleil’s Avatar Themed ‘Toruk: The First Flight’ Soars High

by: Jay Carlson – Editor-in-chief

To be honest, I’ve never watched James Cameron’s Avatar in its entirety. I’d given a go on Blu-ray but never got through it. I hadn’t seen it in the theater and by the time I finally gotten to it it had been so hyped that I found it a letdown. Also, I’ve never been to a Cirque Du Soleil show either, though I’m probably not alone there. I’ve heard many rave reviews for the troupe’s various productions, from their Michael Jackson inspired show to their Beatles infused Love production.

The good news is that none of that mattered when I saw Toruk: The First Flight last night in Worcester, MA. The show consisted of a dazzling spectacle of acrobatics and immersive multimedia sets paired a bombastic musical score.


Toruk: The First Flight is the story of two Na’vi boys on the verge of manhood, Ralu and Entu, along with their newfound friend Tsyal, who must save the sacred Tree of Souls from destruction. In order to save the Tree, one of them must ride the feared Toruk, a red and orange predator that none has tamed before.


Even though I had never taken in a Cirque Du Soleil show, I did have an idea of what I should expect. What I was surprised by was how effortless James Cameron’s jaw dropping film world was translated for a live production like this. The group utilized an impressive array of visual tricks and projection that never left me wanting for more. At times the show had me at a loss as to where I should be looking due to so much happening in the midst of their massive set pieces. The dazzling action makes a good case for seeing the show more than once.


Fans of the film will be rewarded with a fresh take of the world that Cameron established in his film. If you were like me and weren’t the biggest fan of the film, you might leave with a deeper appreciation of the themes that Cameron clunkily tried to convey. Either way, you’re sure to have a great time with Toruk.