Jon Hamm Gears up for Edgar Wright’s ‘Baby Driver’

Jon Hamm

by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

Edgar Wright’s next project is shaping up well in the casting department. Written and directed by Wright, Baby Driver already boats the likes of Ansel Elgort, Lily James and Jamie Foxx. And now the director can add an Emmy winner to that lineup as well.

The Wrap reports that Jon Hamm has signed on to play a villain, a member of a gang of bank robbers to be more precise.

The movie is centered around Elgort, who plays a getaway driver that suffers from a constant ringing in his ears. To drown out the noise he blasts his own personal soundtrack. Foxx is the crime boss that forces the driver to take the wheel for a doomed heist and James plays the driver’s love interest.

Hamm just nabbed his first Emmy for his portrayal of Don Draper on the final season of Mad Men. He’s had many other varying roles, from an FBI Agent in The Town to an asshole pseudo-boyfriend in Bridesmaids to a voice role in the recent summer hit Minions. Any time Hamm is on screen he puts his everything into whatever he does. Even his two minute cameo at the end of the sixth season of Parks and Recreation (which he could have just phoned in) had nuance.

There’s no word yet on if Wright regulars Simon Pegg or Nick Frost will make an appearance or not.

Baby Driver shoots later this year for an intended release date of March 17, 2017.