Eco-Disaster Film ‘Cascade’ Finds Its Director

by: Scott Stanikmas

The upcoming eco-disaster film Cascade has set its sights on Icelandic director Baltasar Kormakur. Deadline reports that while not finalized, the talks are nearly complete.

Kormakur is known for such past action films as Contraband and 2 Guns.

The upcoming film is loosely based off the 2003 British mockumentary The Day Britain Stopped. Cascade will follow a “butterfly effect” chain of events that starts with an oil tanker collision in the Middle East and ends with global catastrophe.

Sources have also reported to Deadline that Cate Blanchett is rumored to be the top pick to star in this film. Though at this time nothing has been made official.

I’ve enjoyed Kormakur’s past flicks. While not award winners, they were fun to watch. I’m interested in seeing what he could do with a nemesis he can’t have his actors shoot at. Maybe he could even nab Mark Whalberg.