Matt Damon Drops Some Vague Plot Details About ‘Bourne 5’

Bourne 5

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

After a detour with Jeremy Renner in the driver’s seat, Matt Damon is all set to reclaim the Bourne film franchise and bring superspy Jason Bourne back to the forefront.

With director Paul Greengrass back as well (a prerequisite to getting Damon to come back) the movie has been shooting for about a week or so now. But so little is known about exactly what the movie will be. We know that it will deal with spies in a post-Snowden environment and deal with some complicated ethical issues but that’s about it.

But recently during a publicity tour for The Martian, Damon spoke with the NY Daily News and gave a little bit of info about what we can expect in Bourne 5:

[Bourne] has his memory back, but that doesn’t mean he knows everything. It’s 12 years since Jason Bourne has been on the grid. So we have to answer the questions, Where’s he been? What’s he doing? What gets him going again? So once we solved all that, then we had a movie.

So, yeah. Not too much in terms of plot but now we know that the film is set 12 years after The Bourne Ultimatum. Seeing as it’s only been nine years since that movie it would seem Universal is working in real time with Jason Bourne’s timeline.

Nothing else of note came from the interview that we haven’t already heard so for now it’s still a guessing game as to exactly what the plot will be. But with Damon returning to the franchise that should be enough to put asses in the seats.

Are you excited to see Damon and Greengrass playing in the Bourne universe again?