POW! New Batman ’66 Animated Film in the Works!

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Holy Merchandising, Batman! (Sorry, I couldn’t help it.)

The last year or so has seen the old-school Batman TV show finally get its licensing problems sorted out and all sorts of merchandise has come out of the woodwork, We’ve had action figures, a comic book series, a myriad of other collectibles and the Holy Grail – The Complete Series on glorious high-def Blu-Ray! But it doesn’t stop there.

Announced at the Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC via Consequence of Sound we have now learned that a full length animated feature film based in the 1966 Batman universe is in the works – and that Adam West and Burt Ward will voice their respective characters of Batman and Robin!

The movie is set to release in 2016 for the 50th anniversary of the show. It’s rumored that there are two movies in the works, but for now we definitely know that we’re getting at least one with West and Ward returning to the fold.

Odds are good that this will go straight-to-DVD/Blu-Ray. DC Comics can’t seem to make a live-action film (outside of Nolan’s Batman trilogy) that critics or fans can agree on, but their animated universe is beyond great. This film wouldn’t fall inot that current universe, but it could be a fun little side trip, like the Dark Knight Returns animated movies.

I usually buy the DC Animated films fairly quickly after release, but considering it’s the 1966 Batman (of which I’m a fan of the show and the current comic series) I may have to buy this on Day One. If I’m not at work the day it comes out, you know where to find me – in front of my TV singing along to one of the best TV themes of all time!