IR Comics: Marvel’s ‘Civil War II’ Coming This Spring


Civil War 2

by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

Never let it be said that Marvel Comics does not know how to strike when the iron is hot.

A few months ago comic book retailers started getting postcards of Iron Man fighting the new Captain America, Sam Wilson, with the II logo on the card. Soon media outlets were talking – would Marvel do a sequel to the hit comic book series Civil War in time to tie-in to the highly anticipated film Captain America: Civil War?

Well the answer is “YES!” The publisher confirmed the series to and also said that it would debut in April 2016, one month before the May 5 release date of the film.

What isn’t known at this time is if the War will be its own series or a storyline within a currently running book. The creative team announced is writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez, both of whom are working on the Invincible Iron Man series for the House of Ideas. This leads me to believe that it might just be an arc in that book, possibly even crossing over into the Captain America book or other Avengers-family titles.

I’m hoping Marvel doesn’t make this a huge event. I enjoy their books but with almost three major “events” per year, they can make a fan feel some serious Event Fatigue after a while. If they keep it to one or two titles instead of an eight-issue mini series, multiple tie-ins and a slew of crossover issues I’d be more apt to try and keep up with it.