More Floating Heads in the First Real Poster for Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’

by: Jay Carlson

I’m aware that that cutesy first teaser poster of a miniature Paul Rudd was technically real. But here we have the first one-sheet to showcase the all-star cast in Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man film directed by Peyton Reed and it does nothing for me.

I’m becoming so bored by these photoshopped posters, a bunch of floating heads and figures looking dramatically in different directions. Where is the art? Marvel should especially feel embarrassed as they have access to a stable of tremendous ARTISTS all in their employ. Where are the Drew Struzan’s and John Alvin’s these days?? All of these posters look EXACTLY alike and it’s boring.

I know it’s easy to nit-pick these little things. The poster is far less important than what’s on the screen, and Marvel really can’t be called out on the carpet for what they’re doing there. I just worry that this cookie cutter style is going to seep into more than just marketing. Especially after the comments Joss Whedon has been making recently while making the rounds promoting Avengers: Age of Ultron.