Justice League Concept Art Gives us First Looks at Cyborg and Flash


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is just about two months away and it’s being touted as the start of Warner Bros’ road to the Justice League film.

DC and Warner Bros recently released a piece of concept art via the DC Films Facebook page that shows the entire team united and looking off into various directions at who knows what:


While I’m looking forward to BVS (no matter how stuffed and convoluted it may seem), I have strong reservations about the Justice League film. Leaving out Green Lantern is a major loss of points with me. I get that WB wants to reboot the franchise after the botched film from a few years ago, but not putting one of the biggest guns in your arsenal in one of your promotional material is a big faux pas to me.

And I don’t really like this art. With all the artists at their disposal, why did the powers-that-be pick a drawing that looks like it comes from a bad Mortal Kombat video game. The characters look CGI in a bad way.

I get that this isn’t what they’ll look like when portrayed by actual people,  but if this is what DC and Warner Bros are using to get us hot over their upcoming film, consider me luke-warm.

Below you’ll find more looks at some of the other pieces of concept art via the CW special last night