Is There a Female Jump Street Spinoff in the Works?

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

First it was remakes. Now spinoffs seem to be all the rage.

After announcing a female-led Ghostbusters film, followed by a male-centric version, it looks like Sony is trying the same thing on another of their popular franchises.

The Tracking Board has heard rumblings that a spinoff of 21 Jump Street focusing on a rival female undercover squad is in the works. No story points or onscreen talent have been discussed at this point, as it’s still just rumor at this point. We do know that Broad City writers Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs are supposedly writing the spinoff.

The obvious way to go, if this is going to happen, is to get Rye Rye and Dakota Johnson to reprise their roles from the first film where they busted Channing Tatum’s and Jonah Hill’s balls for not being able to close their case. Although with 50 Shades Of Grey being a big deal for at least two more films they would probably have to work around Johnson’s schedule.

The next installment of Tatum’s and Hill’s Jump Street is still under way, with screenwriter Rodney Rothman hard at work to make all those fake sequels we saw at the end of the last film canon somehow.

I like the idea for this female driven Jump Street film much more than the upcoming Ghostbusters movie. If they can keep the tone of the first two films in the series and get some good talent in front of the camera then I could get interested in this.