Jim Carrey Wants to be in a Batman Film Again… But do we Want That?

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

The last time we saw Jim Carrey in a comic book movie it was in the subpar Kick-Ass 2. But prior to that it was as Edward Nygma aka the Riddler in the abysmal Batman Forever. And even though Carrey wasn’t the worst part of the movie it’s an experience most fans of the Caped Crusader would like to forget. But it seems Carrey can’t let it go.

In a recent interview with MTV, the Dumb and Dumber To star stated his interest in beng invovled in the upcoming slate of possible Batman and DC Universe films.

As to whether or not he’d be playing the Riddler again, Carrey isn’t so sure.

“I don’t know about reprising that role. I don’t think Chris Nolan would go for that, but i’d love to work with him,” the iconic funnymman was quoted as saying.

I don’t think Carrey would make a good fit in the new DC Universe of live action films. We’ve seen he can do serious films but they always seem a little clunky and awkward. He’s at his best when he can be a little hammy and goofy and I don’t think thats what Warner Bros needs right now.

As much as I loved his movies growing up and appreciate his attempts at branching out beyond the sophmoric comedy, I just don’t want him anywhere near the new Warner Bros superhero universe.