Darrell Hammond to Fill Don Pardo’s Very Large Shoes on SNL

Darrell Hammond

I don’t think I can properly express how thrilled I am about this piece of news: Darrell Hammond will be taking over announcing duties on Saturday Night Live, for Don Pardo who passed away last month. Saturday Night Live, going into its 40th season without Pardo was a really sad prospect, but the news that Hammond, who had previously filled in for Pardo while he was ill, softens the blow.

Hammond, who has the distinction of being the longest tenured cast member, from 1994-2009 (and the oldest cast member as well, when he left), is known for his multitude of impressions & was a huge part of my childhood. I grew up on SNL and Hammond was there through some of my favorite time periods in the show’s history.

While no one can replace Don Pardo and the thrill I’m sure every cast member got from hearing him say their names –  Darrell Hammond is an excellent choice to fill the Don Pardo shaped whole at Studio 8H.