Joe Carnahan to Head up a ‘Motorcade’ for DreamWorks

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

The long gestating action flick Motorcade is finally revving it’s engine and shifting from PARK to DRIVE, and it looks like DreamWorks has put director Joe Carnahan behind the wheel.

The film centers around a terrorist plot to attack the presidential motorcade as it travels around the city of Los Angeles. Tom Cruise and Ryan Reynolds were attached at various times to play a disgraced Secret Service agent that gets caught up in the kidnapping attempt of the President during his trip through L.A.

Carnahan is well known for his gritty action movies. I remember seeing Smokin’ Aces in theaters and loving it. I was also pleasantly surprised with The Grey and his A-Team adaptation.

DreamWorks picked up the script for Motorcade back in 2004. Why they’ve been sitting on it is anyone’s guess. I understand wanting to wait for the right director or actor, but after the success of films like Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down, you’d figure the studio would have jumped on getting this made a little sooner.

While Cruise and Reynolds are no longer involved in the project, there are many viable stars out there. Chris Pratt’s name gets thrown into the mix for everything lately, so why not consider him? But seriously, someone like Joel Kinnaman could make a killing with a film like this as the Secret Service agent.

Well IR faithful, who would you like to see take over the lead role now that Carnahan is in the director’s chair?