The Teaser Trailer for Marvel’s Daredevil has Arrived!


By: Jay Carlson

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s quick tease, Marvel has released the first teaser trailer for the Netflix limited series Daredevil.

The first teaser for Netflix’s 13 episode series for Daredevil looks pretty good. Originally I was worried that Daredevil was going to get the short shrift in the MCU when it was announced that he would land on Netflix, as opposed to a big budget feature film. Based on our limited look via the teaser trailer, I think they’ve managed to get the vibe of the character right.

We get quick looks at most of the cast, Karen (Deborah Ann Woll), Stick (Scott Glenn), Foggy (Elden Hensen), an iconic shot of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin and of course a shirtless Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock. There still has not been a solid look of Cox in full Daredevil costume. I’m genuinely curious if we’ll only see Daredevil in his ninja outfit and not see him in full costume until the very end. 

I’d love to see the tone of the show as a cross between a legal show with great supporting cast, like The Practice mixed with dark, gritty and grounded superhero stories. A huge part of what makes Daredevil so great is Matt Murdock’s personal life and day job as a lawyer, I hope this aspect isn’t downplayed in order to make it more of a superhero show. I’m certainly pleased by this first look and think that there’s nothing to worry about.

Like many others I will be binge watching this one when it premieres on 4/10.

What do you think of the full teaser? Are you onboard for Daredevil?