F. Gary Gray in Exclusive Talks for ‘Furious 8’

F. Gary Gray

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Much like the high octane roadsters driven by the cast, the search for a director for the next Fast And Furious film is flying by just as quickly.

Just a day after it was announced that there were three contenders for the coveted role it would seem Universal has cut that number down by two. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the studio has set its sights on F. Gary Gray, and the director wants in on the action as well.

Sources are saying that “Gray has told the studio he wishes to initiate negotiations for a deal.”

Things are looking extremely promising. The director met with Vin Diesel on Monday and the actor shared a photo of the two on social media. They just happen to be sitting in front of a corkboard covered in images from past Fast And Furious films:

It’s unknown exactly what kind of deal Gray and Universal will enter, but you’d have to think it would include some kind of rider that ties the director in for the final two films as well. As long as the next one goes good, that is.

As of right now Furious 8 is penciled in for April 14, 2017.