Is Marvel Planting the Seeds of Civil War by Bringing on a Joss Whedon Regular for ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’?

by: Adam Glass

Another week and another rumor for TV’s Agents of Shield. Word on the street is that Joss Whedon mainstay, Fran Kranz (or the college kid who enjoyed poking around at feces in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) will be taking the roll of Robert Baldwin aka Speedball towards the end of this season. This could potentially start the ball rolling towards “Civil War” earlier than expected. If you haven’t read any of “Civil War”, Speedball is the character that helps set things in motion. In the comics he’s a part of a reality show that follows a young group of heroes called “The New Warriors”, filming their adventures as they save the day. In short, while trying to apprehend the villain Nitro an explosion occurs and 612 innocents are killed including 60 children. This is the event that triggers Marvel’s Civil War.

If Agents of Shield decides to go this route it would be amazing but I’m not sold yet on the fact that they plan to do this. In any event it looks like the seeds of discontent will start to be shown in May of 2015 with Avengers: Age of Ultron. Between that and Captain America: Civil War what happens is anyone’s guess. Although it would make sense to utilize Agents of Shield this way. The show keeps slipping in the ratings and Marvel needs to do something if they want the show to last more than three seasons. It will take a break this January to make way for Marvel’s Agent Carter ten episode series starring Hayley Atwell reprising her roll from Captain America: The First Avenger. What are your thoughts? How should Marvel sow the seeds of civil war?