Chris Evans and Rosamund Pike Each Board an Upcoming Marc Webb Project



by: S. Scott Stanikmas

After the last two Amazing Spider-Man films at Sony, director Marc Webb is looking to go back to some more conventional fare.

One of his films, The Only Living Boy in New York, has been a project the filmmaker has been working on for years. It centers on a young man who finds out his father is having an affair. After trying to put a stop to it, the young man ends up falling for his dad’s mistress.

Miles Teller signed on last year as the young man. Deadline broke the news that Jeff Bridges and Rosamund Pike will play his father and the mistress / love interest, respectively.

Shooting is set to begin next year, making this Webb’s second project in the works.

The immediate film that he’ll be working on is Gifted, which begins shooting this fall. Deadline also had the news that Chris Evans had signed on for the lead in that film as well.

Although Gifted sounds like it could be more superhero fare, it’s far from it. Evans will play a man who fights his mother for custody of his gifted niece following the death of her mother, his sister.

While I didn’t hate the Amazing Spider-Man films, I adored Marc Webb’s first foray into directing, the independent darling (500) Days of Summer. It should be nice to see Webb go back and try something different again.