Marc Webb to Return to Drama With New Film ‘Gifted’

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

After spending a few years tackling the exploits of Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man, director Marc Webb is set to make his return to dramatic films, such as his breakout hit (500) Days Of Summer,  in a big way.

It was previously reported that Webb would direct the upcoming drama The Only Living Boy In New York with Whiplash actor Miles Teller as his lead. Now it’s being reported by The Tracking Board that Webb will also direct the drama Gifted for Fox Searchlight.

Working on a script from writer Tom Flynn, Gifted tells the story of a man fighting for custody of his intelligent niece from his mother, who believes that the girl isn’t living up to her potential.

This film is still a long ways off. No cast has been set and no start date has been talked about.  And Webb still has The Only Living Boy In New York to handle first. Still, with this news, many eyes will be looking to Webb to see if he still has that same spark he once had.