Michael Chiklis to Bring the Vic Mackey Swagger to ‘Gotham’!

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by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Criminals of Gotham City beware, because Michael Chiklis is coming to impose his own special brand of law and order.

The former Shield star is coming to FOX’s hit drama Gotham for its sophomore season, according to TV Line. Chiklis will join the series as new regular character Nathaniel Barnes, the GCPD’s tough new captain. Barnes was created just for the TV show.

It’s being reported that Barnes “lands on the GCPD like a tornado, ripping out the dead wood of Gotham’s police force. He is a law and order zealot; unafraid of making enemies – on either side of the law. For Gordon (Ben McKenzie), Barnes is a hero and a mentor, someone with whom he can share the burden of heroism. Captain Barnes proves himself to be a strong ally to Gordon… but one day he will make an equally powerful enemy.”

With the second season being all about the rise of the villains that will one day menace the Dark Knight, it would seem that Gotham City will need all the white hats it can get…even if they do eventually turn bad.

This kind of role is right in Michael Chikils’ wheelhouse, combining superheroes with cop drama. The actor has played in the four-color world before, portraying Ben “The Thing” Grimm in two Fantastic Four films. But he’s probably best known for his roles as Tony Scali on The Commish and rogue cop Vic Mackey on the hard-hitting FX show The Shield.

Even though it says that Barnes will eventually come to oppose Gordon, it doesn’t map out an exact timeline as to when that will happen. If FOX was smart they’d do a nice slow burn on this, letting the story of Barnes eventual turn to the dark side take at least a couple of seasons.

It’s like Harvey Dent said in The Dark Knight: “You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”