Lucius Fox is Coming to ‘Gotham’

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

When one door closes it looks like another one opens.

After the news that Jada Pinkett Smith would not be returning for the second season of FOX’s hit comic book / drama / cop procedural Gotham, the studio has made the announcement that they are adding another character to the already impressive cast.

Chris Chalk, from 12 Years a Slave and the HBO drama The Newsroom, will portray the character of Lucius Fox.

Lucius Fox is the resident tech genius at Wayne Enterprises. His desire to help Bruce Wayne uphold the ideals of his slain father will earn him a spot as one of the young man’s most trusted confidant and a moral beacon in a company that has been more than a little shady in its dealings.

Morgan Freeman originally portrayed the character in the Christopher Nolan trilogy, rising from the head of R&D (which was really the bottom rung of the ladder) all the way up to running the company in Bruce’s absence.

Chalk’s Lucius Fox will debut on the 21st episode of the season, which is also the penultimate episode. He has an option to return for Season 2. With a role that has nowhere to go but up with endless possibilities, I don’t see why the producers or Chalk himself wouldn’t want to continue the character’s storyline into the upcoming season.