Geena Davis Headed to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital For Major Arc.



By LizzyFerro

So, I wasn’t kidding when I said I loved Grey’s Anatomy & the season 10 finale broke my heart, not as much as say, the season eight finale (still mourning Lexi ), but Cristina Yang’s departure left a snarky whole in my heart. But I do  love Grey’s and since they didn’t kill her off of the show, like I feared when Sandra Oh’s departure was announced  (Cristina even points out “everyone’s dead”.) – I can still watch it!

Season 11 will premier September 25th with the Academy Award wining Davis as a surgeon with a major arc, no other information on that is known yet. This season is said to be a very ‘Meredith-centric’ by creator Shonda Rhimes – and with Meredith’s dead mother returning (Kate Burton of Scandal, although I think of her as Margo from Big Trouble in Little China) and her half sister appearing (Kelly McCreary) it sounds like she’ll be busy.


But here is the real question, where is Meredith’s OTHER sister, Molly? I mean, we never see her at Susan’s funeral, she doesn’t show up when Thatcher almost dies & then Lexi dies and still nothing? Where is Molly? hm? Also, since Ellis Grey is dead, I assume Kate Burton is coming back for flashbacks & if they’re going to be flashing back to when Meredith was a child (again, assumption) shouldn’t it be Sarah Paulson again?

I’ve definitely spent far too much time pondering Grey’s for this evening.

but seriously, I love it.