The Next Ghostbusters Film Adds a new Writer


Katie Dippold is joining Paul Feig to pen a draft of the forever-in-development Ghostbusters sequel/reboot. The two previously co-wrote The Heat

Feig was brought on to the project in August, at which point it was rumored the film would focus on an all-girl team. This is certainly in Feig’s wheelhouse after directing back to back female driven films, Bridesmaids and The Heat. I don’t know how I feel about an all female team. I’d much prefer a team mixed with both male and females.

Dan Aykroyd was recently quoted as saying that the intention was to create a Marvel-style Cinematic Universe with the Ghostbusters franchise. It seems like a lofty goal considering it’s been 25 years of development hell on a third film.

If they’re doing more Ghostbusters, (and they are doing more), I’d prefer to move away from a straight up sequel and focus on a new team or perhaps even a prequel.

Imagine Peter, Egan and Ray as college students in the 70’s? A friend mentioned this idea to me a while back and I loved the take. I’d imagine it as Superbad but with less toilet humor. If I’m choosing a cast, I begin with Miles Teller as young Peter Venkman and go from there…

What are your thoughts about a new Ghostbusters? Is anyone still interested? I have zero interest in a straight-up sequel focusing on only Ray and Winston. With no Murray, Ramis and Reitman they’re going to have to do something major to bring me back around. I’m curious to see what Feig and Dippold do with the material.