Christopher Nolan to Delve Into Interstellar Backstory in Comic Book Form

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

I’m going to start this off with a heavy dose of SPOILER WARNINGS for those who haven’t seen Interstellar. This article will contain plot points from the movie that may be considered spoilers.

Still with us? Okay then. In the newest issue of Wired magazine, which will be guest edited by Christopher Nolan, will be a 7 page comic that gives us a bit of backstory on the character of Dr. Mann (played in a surprise appearance by Matt Damon!) and his robot helper KIPP.

The comic story, titled “Absolute Zero,” will tell the story of a pivotal point in Mann’s life that happened before he was introduced in the film.

Christopher Nolan isn’t known for putting deleted scenes on his home media releases, so this could be construed as somewhat of a rare extra for the Nolan fan set.

The issue of Wired that contains the comic will be released on tomorrow on November 25th.