Jonathan Nolan Developing Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy

Isaac Asimov_1951_Foundation

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Jonathan Nolan, co-writer of such hit films as The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises and Interstellar and writer/producer of HBO’s upcoming Westworld series, has been quietly developing Isaac Asimov’s literary Foundation series. And according to sources who have been talking to The Wrap, HBO and Warner Bros TV will be teaming up to make this adaptation a reality.

Nolan was asked by the website Indiewire what the one piece of science fiction is that he loves that not enough people know about. Nolan resoundingly responded with the Foundation series. He was quoted as saying “Well, I fucking love the ‘Foundation’ novels by Isaac Asimov. They’re certainly not [unknown], but that’s a set of books I think everyone would benefit from reading. That’s a set of books where the influence they have is just fucking massive. They have many imitators and many have been inspired by them, but go back and read those, and there are some ideas in those that’ll set your fucking hair on fire.”

Foundation follows mathematician Hari Seldon, who has devised a concept that uses the laws of mass action to predict the future on a massive scale. When he predicts the end of the current Galactic Empire and a dark age set to last around 30,000 years, he sets out to create a foundation of engineers and artisans who will preserve and expand on what we’ve done collectively already and hopefully usher in a new empire.

The Foundation series was originally a trilogy and it won the Hugo Award for “Best All Time” series back in 1966. The original three books were “Foundation,” “Foundation and Empire” and “Second Foundation.” Asimov would expand on the universe some 15 years later with the sequels “Foundation’s Edge” and “Foundation and Earth” and the prequels “Prelude to Foundation” and “Forward the Foundation.”

Originally Sony had claimed the rights back in 2009 and attached such names as Roland Emmerich and Dante Harper to the project, trying to get it off the ground. When the rights became available again HBO spent a lot of money to acquire the property.

With Nolan’s background and track record with projects I have a tremendous amount of faith that this will be another hit for HBO.