Spielberg’s Dreamworks to Leave Disney for Universal? ‘Jaws’ and ‘Back to the Future’ Eyed for Sequels/Reboots?


by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks production company has enjoyed a release and marketing relationship with Disney since 2009. But that deal ends in 2016 and The Hollywood Reporter has sources that say Spielberg is looking to move his home from the House of Mouse to Universal.

And that’s not all. One sentence has been sticking out and bugging news outlets since it was printed:

[Spielbeg] also is key on potential reboots of other Universal franchises such as Jaws and Back to the Future.

No. Just no. This is akin to someone rebooting Ghostbusters… oh wait. This is just an awful idea.

We can rest easy on one front. Robert Zemeckis dropped the news that it’s contractually impossible for Back to the Future sequels or reboots to happen as long as he’s alive. Zemeckis and Bob Gale had clauses in their contracts that said nothing can happen on that front until both parties are dead.

Universal probably has people looking into that, but for now I think we’re safe on that end.

But Spielberg has talked in the past about sequels to Jaws. The filmmaker talked years ago to AICN about a scene that he thinks would lead to possible future installments. He wouldn’t divulge exactly what the scene was, but if Universal ponied up the dough, would the director move forward with another sequel? Only time will tell on that end.

I’m hoping that when the move happens, Spielberg focuses more on fresh projects and new ideas. Some films are just too good to get remade or trotted out again. Jaws is one of them.